To provide an environment where ALL VETERANS can continue to carry on the rich tradition of brotherhood, while creating a community of support, resources, & knowledge.


At the W.A.R. Ranch we invite veterans from many different backgrounds to join us in running a working ranch. You will be provided with a place to stay and 3 meals.  In return we ask everyone who stays with us to participate in all activities needed to maintain working order on the ranch. This ranch will provide you the tools and skills needed to succeed in day to day civilian life. In addition to learning new skills, we will be here to help with emotional struggles as well. We believe the best way to help our veterans is with the help of other veterans.

A statement from the President of W.A.R.:

Military service and it’s demands have changed tremendously over the last century.  As technology and resources improve, the approach to combat is constantly changing faster than ever.  While the art of combat is different, its effects on the soldier have remained the same.  Regardless of what branch, unit, or job, every soldier is changed by the call to protect our country in conflicts, both foreign and domestic.  Though these changes can be both positive and negative, it is our goal at W.A.R. to join our veterans together and use the positive changes / experiences to combat the negative.  We will continue to stand by our beliefs that no one will be left behind, we will pick each other up in times of need, and we will create that community of brotherhood so desperately needed in today’s society.  Uniting America’s Warriors is the first step in securing the legacy and traditions that these brave men and women solemnly swore to protect.  To all my brothers and sisters out there, always remember:


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R. Wheeler – U.S. Army

W.A.R. President

“We Aren’t Replaceable”